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Nails Extensions

Polish Change Nails $8 +
Polish Change Toe $10 +

(French +$5)

Polish Change Nails Kids $5 +
Polish Change Toe Kids $8 +
Design Nails + $15
Design Toe + $10
Gel Polish Change Nails $20 +
Gel Polish Change Toe $25 +

(French +$5)

Soak Off With Out Service $10 +
Soak Off With Service $5 +
Shape (Almond, Coffin, Stiletto,...) $5 +
Long Nails $5 +
Add Paraffin $6 +

Eyelash Extension

Individual Mink Lashes
Water Proof Lashes


Classic Pedicure $30

Classic Pedicure with cuticle trimming and nail shaping. Sanitize your heels with softener, Exfoliate with a sugar scrub, enjoy with lotion massage, polishing with regular polish your choice. 

Citrus Pedicure $38

Relax your feet in a warm bath. Start with cuticle trimming, nail shaping, callus remover, exfoliation with Sugar Scrub, Provide essential nutrients to the skin with a mask and hot towel, relax with lotion massage, polishing with regular polish your choice.

Signature Pedicure $45

Includes sea salt soak, nail trim and shape, cuticle treatment, extensive callus and heel treatment, sugar scrub, special mask wrap with a steam hot towel, paraffin wax, and lotion massage of lower legs and feet. Finish with hot towel cleaning and your choice of regular polish.

Organic Pedicure $55

Organic pedicure uses a unique blend of organic sugar scrub and fresh fruit to gently exfoliate your feet and legs to get rid of calluses and dead skin, this combination effectively softens and hydrates your skin leaving it incredibly smooth. Next, comes an organic mask, steam hot towel wrap, paraffin wax, hot stone, essential oil, and lotion massage of calves, and feet. Finish with hot towel cleaning and your choice of regular polish.

Please choose your scent: Lavender, Cucumber, Milk, and Honey.

Majestic Pedicure $65

For the ultimate indulgence, ease your feet into an aromatic foot soak, reshaped nails, cuticle trimming buffing to a healthy shine, callus remover, and Sugar scrub exfoliation. Followed by a Cooling Mask on your Calves and wrap with a warm towel. Indulge your feet in warm Paraffin. (Paraffin Treatment soothes arthritis pain and muscle aches while healing dry or damaged skin.) Finish treatment with a 15-minute massage, polishing with a regular polish of your choice.

Please choose your scent: Lemon, Lavender, and Green tea.

Paradise Pedicure $75

Paradise Pedicure can improve the skin's appearance. We use the Volcano Pedicure range of products with the best formulation available today. Our packets contain rich, effective formulas, including mask and lotion made with collagen to help revive and moisturize dry skin all day long. The added collagen also improves the skin's elasticity, is the heavenly pedicure treatment consists of all our pedicure features and much more... Enriched with key ingredients to your feet the nutrition they need. Each product is individually packed with the right mount for a single pedicure. Enjoy a combination of hot stone, essential oil and lotion massage of calves and feet. Finishing with cleaning and your choice of regular polish.


Eyebrow $10
Upper Lip $8
Chin $8
Sideburns $10
Full Face $30
Under Arms $20
Half Arms $25
Full Arms $35
Upper Legs $30
Lower Leg $30
Full Leg $55
Eyebrow Tint $20